4 Strategies to keep your Customers coming back

Modern companies, to remain on market, need returning, loyal Customers. It’s no secret that 20% of Customers generate 80% of company’s income. 
What do we call Customer Loyalty to the brand or service?
According to one of the most popular commercial definitions, loyalty is an attitude of the frequency of choosing by the Customer the particular brand towards the whole of the shopping or services that he is using in the given category. Loyalty is based on the personal bond of the Client with the specific brand. It is connected with a positive attitude up to the brand and by acknowledgment of its ‘superiority’ above other.

Modern Customers more and more often realize how essential are they for the company’s surviving. That is why they are becoming more demanding. They expect an exceptional treatment, but most of all – they want to feel like a very important component of the existence of the brand. 
There are many strategies that companies can apply in order to provide returning and loyal Customers. We are presenting most popular of them:

1.    Make it personal
All companies should keep in mind that personal service, when done right, is incredibly powerful.  It happens because personal service is about making the Customer feel like they’re doing business with a human, not with the company. Each Client is a separate and similarly important individual and it is necessary to treat him this way.
You can’t create a tribe of loyal customers without an exceptional customer service experience that keeps them coming back. 
Numerous studies have show that happy Customers buy more, they buy more often and tell their friends to buy, too.
How to make Customers Service more personal?
a)    Use names. Yours and Customers. Show, that you know them, but you also want them to get to know you. People wish to receive e-mails from a certain person that ‘’The Support Team’’.
b)    Find out as much as possible about Customers. Get to know their name, last name, and date of birth. Don’t forget about sending birthday wishes and ever giving small gifts – for example a special birthday discount.
c)    Get to know the history of Customers and Since when they benefit from your services. For example – American Express memorizes the whole history of their users and in the case of interaction they are thanking for using their services from a certain year. Thanks to that treatment, Customer considers himself as an essential part of a specific group.

2.    Don’t forget about the Customization
Companies have to remember, that their Clients are separate individuals, that is why they must adjust their offer to specific target groups. Customers have different tastes and needs. But they have one thing in common – people want products that seem original and cater to individual wants and needs.
Companies Converse and Nike propose an excellent solution. They provide customers with the ability to build their own shoes, including deciding the colors and patterns.

3.    Give an opportunity to share opinions and reviews
Every company should give their Customers opportunity to speak their mind. In this way, they will know that they have a real impact on the company’s development. Each opinion is equally important. The company should personally get in touch with the Customer and thank him for expressing his opinion. In this way, Client will feel appreciated and more will more gladly engage into company’s development.

4.    Try to entertain your Customers
Customers feel the most appreciated and encouraged to the repeated purchases when the are being rewarded. Thanks to engaging them in concrete activities and rewarding for the commitment, companies are gaining a larger crowd of loyal Clients. No matter the industry, the entertainment factor is critical to building a brand that can successfully attract new customers, retain existing ones and deliver a lasting, multidimensional experience.
For this reason, loyalty programs are gaining more popularity. They give the chance of a real engagement into the company’s development. Customers are feeling motivated for undertaking a certain action, and also the repeated purchases. Due to the system of rewards and motivation, companies obtain not only loyal but also new Customers. It is possible thanks to so-called viral marketing. Due to it’s Wikipedia definition, viral marketing is referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networking services and other technologies to try to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses (cf. Internet memes and memetics). It can be delivered by word of mouth or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet and mobile networks. 1
An attractive loyalty platform is 2take.it. It is a mobile app which the company doesn’t need to install, so it doesn’t generate any additional costs. Besides, 2take. it is addressed, to both, big and small companies.

2take.it works on the principles of the behavioral model. Thanks to that, it collects age, gender, and place of residence of your customers. It also learns their shopping frequency, a number of purchases and shopping preferences. In this way, 2take.it is able to find the ideal target groups for your products.






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