2take.it Platform – a good way to increase Customers Engagement

Engaging Customers into company’s development is a very crucial aspect of a modern marketing.This increases the number of loyal clients to the brand, who are willing to recommend it to their friends and family.

It’s no secret that the more expensive for the company is to acquire a new customer than to maintain a returning one. It is also worth mentioning, that 20% of all customers generates up to 80% of company’s income. That’s why loyal customers are very important for every modern company. Customers like to feel valued to the brand, they want to be treated as her friends. For this reason, they are happy to engage into company’s development.


There are various forms to increase Customer Engagement.

Social Media is a very effective way to get in touch with your customers. Therefore, any modern company should appreciate their power. Through Social Media, customers can ask questions, express their opinions and learn about new products of each brand. The can also take part in numerous contests, and yet we know that reward system motivates customers the most.


Companies should never forget about their VIP clients. These are clients who most often return to the store and their baskets have the highest value. Good forms of motivation are special newsletters, discounts and the contest just for them. Thank’s to that, VIP customers know how relevant they are for the company.


One of the newest forms of Customer Engagement is loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies designed to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program. 1 Many such programs exist covering most types of business, each one having varying features and rewards schemes.They can take different forms. The most popular are:

  1. Based on material benefits (coupons, discounts, promotions, loyalty cards)

  2. Based on emotions (contests with prizes, club meetings)

  3. Based on material benefits and emotions, called Price and Person relationship (maintaining emotional ties, persuading client to repurchase, in exchange for gifts or discounts)


The modern customer often lives in a hurry. Therefore he appreciates the fast and simple solutions. Loyalty Platform 2take,it has been created for today’s clients. 2take.it is a mobile app which the company doesn’t need to install, so it doesn’t generate any additional costs. Besides, 2take. it is addressed, to both, big and small companies.

2take.it works on the principles of the behavioral model. Thanks to that, it collects age, gender, and place of residence of your customers. It also learns their shopping frequency, a number of purchases and shopping preferences. In this way, 2take.it is able to find the ideal target groups for your products.



Everyone can collect points and there are plenty of opportunities how to earn them. You can scan receipts(points are added each 10 zł. spent), share and like posts on Facebook,  subscribe to the newsletter, fill out the survey and invite friends to use 2take.it application. Customers can choose their rewards, it depends on how many points they earn.

This app. is a very effective way to increase Customers Engagement!


1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyalty_program


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