2take.it – why is it such an effective tool?

2take.it is a loyalty platform, which will increase customer engagement in the activities of your company, increase the number of your clients and, at the same time, minimize your future costs. How is it all possible?
2take.it is a mobile app which the company doesn’t need to install, so it doesn’t generate any additional costs. Besides, 2take. it is addressed, to both, big and small companies.
2take.it works on the principles of the behavioral model. Thanks to that, we collect age, gender, and place of residence of your customers. We also learn their shopping frequency, a number of purchases and shopping preferences. In this way, we can find the ideal target groups for your products.
It’s not a secret that customers like to be treated Ina friendly way. When they feel treated that way, they are more likely to return to your company. Try to engage customers in your business, make them feel important and appreciated. 2take.it is an effective loyalty program that your customers will love! Why?

a)    It doesn’t require any cards, collecting stamps or filling out paper forms.
b)    You don’t need to register through any website, simply log in to your profile in social media.
c)    Everyone can collect points and there are plenty of opportunities how to earn them. You can scan receipts from stores (points are added each 10 zł. spent), share and like posts on Facebook,  subscribe to the newsletter, fill out the survey and invite friends to use 2take.it application.
d)    Customers can choose their rewards, and it depends on how many points they earn.
e)    Customers can collect points whenever and wherever they want. They don’t have to incur any extra effort because points are generated automatically.
f)    Each activity is rewarded, that’s why customers will feel motivated to further activities.
g)    Customers will feel engaged in the development of the company, so they will be satisfied and motivated to use its services.
h)    2take.it application is free, so customers won’t have any additional costs. You have to remember that ability to save money motivates customers to buy.
i)    Clients who remain in constant contact with the company, feel connected with it. Therefore, they are willing to come back and recommend it to others. Customers know that this particular company is friendly, so they are in a good mood. And this is critical for every business!



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