Why is it important for your business to build a customer engagement?


Why is maintaining a returning customer important?


It’s not a secret that acquiring a new client is more expensive for a company than maintaining a returning one. But did you know that 20% of clients generate 80% of a company’s income? Therefore, you should focus on these 20% of your clients and try to engage them in your business process. It’s crucial not to measure the loyalty of returning clients only after the frequency of their returns to your shop and the value of a basket. Everyone should keep in mind, that thanks to omnipresent access to the Internet and growing influence of social media, the modern customer became an intermediary of information about company. Modern customer can share his opinion about the specific product or brand almost everywhere and almost everyone can see it. There are plenty of forums, blogs and fan pages, where client can share his opinion and it can be both: positive or negative.



What is a loyalty program?

It’s worthwile asking this specific question: What has the most positive impact on the client? The answer isn’t suprising, the system of rewards and motivation. In order to fulfil this need, companies implement a numerous loyalty programs. Their goal is to engage a customer in many activities associated with the brand. Loyalty programs are considered as rewards programs for customers who often make purchases. There may be a lot of forms of loyalty programs, they may give clients free merchandise, coupons or discounts.


2take.it platform


Modern customers appreciate solutions that are quick and simple. They don’t want to keep plenty of different loyalty cards in their wallets or to fill up long, paper surveys. 2take.it is an innovative, attractive and simple answer to all loyalty programs. This is a brilliant tool for entrepreneurs, who want to  build a flexible loyalty program based on a commitment to these customers. The main goal of this platform is to increase customer engagement, which is investing the customer into development and profits of the company. 2take.it collects all important information about clients: their age, gender, place of resistance and, of course – frequency and amount of purchases. This  allows companies, for the most effective marketing message, which is behavioral targeted. Platform 2take.it works in a very simple way. All you need to do is download the app., to get involved and earn rewards. Everything is shown in a very  perspicuous way. To start using 2take.it, you need to be logged in through the selected channel in social media. The platform runs on a points system. You collect the specific amount of points, which later exchange for reward that you are able to choose. It’s worth mentioning that all users collect the same points, therefore it can work on many levels.


What are you rewarded for during using 2take.it platform?

For many activities: repurchasing, viral competitions (the member get member), placing a link to a promotion on Facebook, forums and in comments, responding to surveys, inviting friends, adding to the newsletter and liking a Facebook page.

You should consider, that 2take.it platform has an offer for big companies and agencies, as well as for small businesses (cafes, SPAs, florists and on-line stores). It’s worth trying because it doesn’t generate any additionall costs.



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